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The Perfect Cottage Flooring: Wide-Plank Live Sawn Oak

Ah, cottage season – that time of year when you may be spending more time at your summer retreat than at home. The cottage is where we go to get away from the stresses of our daily lives. It’s where we go to relax and to have fun, and the last thing we want to deal with is problem cottage flooring. Since cottages are generally near some body of water and not lived in year-round, they are subject to fluctuating humidity and temperatures, especially if there is no air-conditioning or controlled or relative humidity. So what do you do if you want hardwood flooring at the cottage and you don’t have relative humidity control? Choose Wide-Plank Live Sawn Oak – the perfect cottage flooring for these situations.

The Live Sawn Method of Sawing Lumber

Live Sawn is a method of cutting wood practiced by European craftsmen of past centuries. Also called flitch cutting or through and through cutting, live saw cutting means the sawing of boards in a series of parallel cuts through the diameter of the log without turning the log. With the standard North American sawmill method of plain sawing, a log may be turned many times as the woodcutter looks for the nicest boards with the fewest knots. Typically, plain sawn oak shows an open grain, while live sawn oak reveals the full range of the log’s characteristics from the heartwood to the outside sapwood. What you’re left with are very stable boards that have a unique mix of prime and country grains.

Hardwood flooring stability is crucial in cottages that lack humidity control, and Greg Gaylord tells us why:

“Wood is always living. It is always absorbing or losing water. So when you use something like our Wide-Plank Live Sawn Oak, which is more stable than plain sawn boards, it’s not going to shrink or expand as much.” Live sawn oak is also ideal for installation over most forms of radiant heat. We’re so confident of the stability of our live sawn oak that we can mill it into 8-inch wide boards. If your cottage layout is open concept, our 12-foot board lengths are the ideal choice for an incredible look that will suit the space. As well as being a practical choice for cottage flooring, the finished appearance of live sawn oak lends a feel of rustic charm to your cottage. And our textured, low gloss finish adds to the character of live sawn oak. For a truly stunning look in your cottage, pair our Wide-Plank Live Sawn Oak flooring with our Pre-finished Ceiling Pine that comes in lengths up to 16 feet. At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring, we know your cottage is your haven. We recommend our live sawn oak so that you can rest assured your cottage flooring will remain stable and attractive looking, season after season. As Greg stresses, “We don’t want to sell someone a floor that they’re going to put in a cottage and then have problems with.”

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