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Although dark floors are very popular and stylish, they aren’t the most practical option for a busy family. Dark floors show dust and dents and are very difficult to keep clean. Checks and cracks which are a natural characteristic of wood are magnified on a dark floor, especially one with a high gloss. Even the slightest irregularity in the subfloor will be displayed in the hardwood flooring when the sunlight hits a dark floor at the right angle.

Since dark floors show so much more dust, the tendency for homeowners is to “over clean” their floors. Doing this causes a build-up of cleaning residue which will leave a film on the floor. Even good hardwood floor cleaners that claim they do not leave a residue will if the floor is cleaned too much. You should limit your cleaning to once a week and use paper towel to buff the floor when a film is noticed on the floor. Small dents and scratches that don’t penetrate the finish are very noticeable and nothing can be done to repair them other than replacing the entire board.

Even when the dent or scratch penetrates the finish and a repair can be done, no matter what is done the repair will still stick out like a sore thumb. The repaired area will typically have a lower gloss so it will be just as noticeable as it was prior to the repair taking place.

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