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Why is Canadian Hardwood Flooring the Best?

Over ten percent of the world's forests are located in Canada. There are various different forms of forest region each with their own specific climates, topography and soil. Each region produces a different form of hardwood flooring with impeccable standards of quality and consistency. There are five major forest regions in Canada; the Boreal Forest Region, which mainly produces black spruce; the West Coast Forest Region, which is the most productive area; the Montane Forest Region, which produces small coniferous trees; and the Mixed Forest Region, which contains hardwoods such as maple, birch and black walnut. The remaining area is the Taiga Forest Region; however this area has limited accessibility and isn't as widely used as the others.


Canadian wood for hardwood flooring

Why Canadian Hardwood Flooring is so Strong

Several different types of wood are grown in Canadian forests, including; birch, ash, beech, oak and maple. One of the reasons why Canada's wood is such good quality is because of the climate. The coldness makes the wood grow slower, which results in tighter and stronger wood with more consistent tones of color. Canadian hardwood has a reputation across the world for being the best quality material when it comes to making flooring. The tightness of the growth rings and the consistency of the patterns don't only prove that the wood has a great deal of strength, but it's visually striking to look at. This is the reason why many of the world's best architects and designers are always looking for ways to incorporate Canadian maple hardwood flooring into their buildings.

Environmental Concerns

Canada is considered to be a low risk country when it comes to EU Timber Regulation. This regulations states that; operators must always have access to information about their timber and timber products; operators must conduct a risk assessment to ensure illegal timber doesn't get mixed up in their supply chain; and that if there is a risk of retrieving illegal timber is mitigated by requiring additional information from the supplier. This strict EU regulation means that people who purchase Canadian maple hardwood flooring don't have to worry about damages to the environment from acquiring illegal timber. Manufacturers of Canadian hardwood flooring are always striving to minimize waste, and only a maximum of 5% of each cut tree isn't used. This 5% is made of up branches, which the tree cutters leave on the forest floor in order to biodegrade and aid future tree growth.
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