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The Gaylord Process: How We Get The Longest Lengths

hardwood flooring with long lengthsWhen it comes to hardwood flooring, what difference does plank length make? Longer and wider planks are the foundation for a more attractive floor that will wear better over time, and they’re much easier to install. "Most Canadian manufacturers have an average board length of 27-to-29 inches," explained Greg Gaylord, sales manager at Gaylord Hardwood Flooring. "Our boards are at least 40-to-48 inches." Long hardwood planks give your flooring more visual continuity. "Short planks just look choppier," said Gaylord. "Our longer planks give the sense that it's a quality product. Because it is!"


Beauty That Lasts

Long wood flooring boards

Longer planks to more attractive floors over the long term, not just because of the quality of the wood but also because they’ll age better. "Wood is a natural product, so it's always going to move at least a little bit with humidity and temperature changes. Not every board is going to react the same way," Gaylord explained. "When a floor is made of a bunch of short pieces, each piece will be a little bit different and react in a slightly different way. With our hardwood, the look will remain more consistent." Gaylord also notes that their planks are much easier to install. "If you're placing one board for every three you'd have to place with another product, it makes things go a lot faster!"

Where Gaylord Hardwood Flooring Comes From

Long before Gaylord Hardwood Flooring made flooring, the Gaylord family was selling lumber wholesale to other companies that made cabinets, molding and flooring products. "My dad has been in the lumber business for decades," Gaylord said. "He has a log scalers license for the logs and he's a certified lumber grader. Wood is what we know." According to the National Hardwood Lumber Association, there are five primary grades of lumber:
  • FAS is the top grade of lumber, almost free of defects; it must be 83% clear or clearer on the poorest side.
  • No. 1 Common is the next grade down, and must be at least 67% clear on the poorest-quality side.
  • No. 2 Common lumber must be at least 50% clear on the poorest-quality side.
  • No. 3A Common must be at least 33% clear on the poorest side.
  • Select is a hybrid of the top two grades of lumber: FAS On one side, and No. 1 Common on the poor side.

Long wood flooring board lengths hickory"Generally, the top grade is used for things like molding. No. 1 Common is typically used for kitchen cabinets. No. 2 and 3A lumber is generally used for flooring," Gaylord explained. "When you're making planks for flooring, it's easy to cut out the knots in the wood." When the family decided to get into flooring, they wanted the quality of their product to set them apart. Gaylord Hardwood uses Select lumber in their flooring instead of the lower-grade lumber. Because they process the wood themselves, here in Ontario, the company controls the whole process and has direct access to rarer woods like Birdseye Maple. "There are no knots in the higher grade of wood, so we can get longer planks — up to eight feet long. That’s a foot-and-a-half longer than our competitors," Gaylord noted. To learn more about our process and the different types of wood we offer, contact us or drop by our showroom.



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