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How to Maintain Hardwood Floors – Tips to protect your flooring

Have you always loved the look of hardwood flooring but aren’t sure if you should make the investment to have it installed in your home? Quality hardwood flooring is an attractive addition to any home. It adds beauty, colour, style and warmth. But, what about maintaining those great qualities over the years? If you’re under the impression that installing hardwood flooring means a commitment to some sort of maintenance regimen, rest assured. If you choose flooring from Gaylord, how to maintain hardwood floors is simply a matter of remembering these tips from our Do and Don’t list.


Hardwood Flooring in a Kitchen


  • Dust floor when needed with a dry dust mop
  • Wash floors with Gaylord Brand Floor Cleaner
  • Wipe up any water spills immediately
  • Clean small sticky spots with slightly damp paper towel or sponge
  • Place area rugs in high traffic areas such as entranceways


  • Never steam clean your hardwood floors
  • Always avoid using excessively wet mops and rags to wash floors
  • Don’t let gritty dirt sit around on floors – you may need to vacuum the area using a soft brush attachment
  • Don’t oil hardwood flooring
Notice that the best way to maintain hardwood floors is through proper cleaning techniques? That’s because Gaylord hardwood flooring is finished with the most durable, clearest and scratch-resistant finish on the market. In fact, our ten-coat titanium finish comes with a 40-year wear through warranty. So, other than regular cleaning of your hardwood floors, there is no maintenance routine for you to worry about. You may notice we recommend our private brand of Floor Cleaner and that’s for a reason. “A lot of cleaners out there have a lot of soap in them that leaves a sticky, ugly film,” explains Greg Gaylord. “Whereas, our private brand of hardwood floor cleaner evaporates rather than settling on the floor and remaining there.” Even the most durable hardwood floors with the toughest finish can be subject to some scratches and dents. That’s why Gaylord Hardwood Flooring also carries touch-up markers in a variety of colours to match your flooring, and they are perfect for touching up any scratches and dents. When you’re shopping for your flooring at Gaylord, be sure to ask our knowledgeable and professional staff about our brand of floor cleaner and our touch-up markers. Hardwood Flooring is meant to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean years of difficult maintenance routines. Just remember our tips and your flooring will look beautiful for many years to come.
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