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Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor Style at Home visits our showroom

“Thanks so much for the invitation to visit your showroom recently. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary and on the beautiful showroom. The renovated space is an informative and inspirational showcase for all your products. I’m sure visitors will find the room vignettes very helpful when it comes to making a decision about flooring. Choosing flooring is like choosing stone for a countertop – you need to see more than just a small sample to fully appreciate the product. Seeing the product installed underfoot is truly the best way to shop for flooring. The installations show the variations in the grains of the woods and the great number of finish options. I also like the way the wall colours, mouldings, furniture and styling of each vignette help visitors visualize how each type of flooring works with various decorating and architectural styles. You’ve truly managed to maximize all of your square footage. I am amazed at the quality and breadth of your products and look forward to working with you in the future for stories in STYLE AT HOME.” Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor, STYLE AT HOME www.styleathome.com

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